Detoxing has never been more popular.

But do you have questions? If you are wondering how it works and how to start losing weight and feeling better in just 3 days, find out what you need to know now.


Why should I detoxify?
Our bodies are exposed to more toxins today than ever before in history — while our diet is more nutritionally depleted than ever before. Detoxifying brings your attention back to your diet so you can shed excess pounds, boost your energy and immunity, improve your skin, and more. It also helps draw your attention to potential weak spots in your body so you can focus your body’s natural healing ability to strengthen it. Easy Weekend Detox makes cleansing easy and practical with 3-day detox plans that fit your busy lifestyle.

I’m skeptical. Does detoxification really work?
As we age or get run down, our bodies don’t work at peak performance. Our organs get clogged with toxins, and our natural filtering systems get overwhelmed. Detoxing helps your liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, lungs, and intestines slough off toxins naturally and efficiently. All the safe and natural therapies in Easy Weekend Detox are backed by volumes of research and have been used with success for many years.

Is it safe for everyone to detoxify?
Easy Weekend Detox is not about juice or water fasts at all. It includes lots of healthy, real food. But with any new health or exercise plan, it’s always best to consult your doctor first.

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What’s the difference between detoxification and dieting?
Detox plans are designed to eliminate toxins from your body, and diets are to help you lose weight. Easy Weekend Detox brings you the best of both. Unlike fad diets that don’t contain sufficient nutrients, Dr. Schoffro Cook’s detox diet helps you jumpstart your weight loss with delicious, healthy foods.

Are all detox programs created equal?
No. Most programs claim they target the whole body but focus only on either the liver or the intestines. Some detox programs are liquid only. Easy Weekend Detox was designed to be health supportive and to target the specific organs most in need of detoxification. No two people are the same, so one detox doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why Easy Weekend Detox gives you the ability to assess your needs and select the specific program that will work best for you.

You can detox one weekend out of every month or once in a season, or you can detox every weekend if you want. The choice is yours. There’s no limit to the amount you can detoxify your body — provided you give it the healthy fuel it needs to maintain and achieve health. The detox plans in Easy Weekend Detox are a safe, quick, and natural way to start dropping those extra pounds!

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Detox Success in Just 72 Hours! Lifelong Bloating GONE!

After just 3 days on Dr. Schoffro Cook’s detox, Claudia couldn’t believe she had a flatter stomach, felt more energetic, and had already lost 4 pounds. “If I can feel improved in only a weekend, I’m going to make Love Your Liver Weekend a monthly occurrence.” Read her full story on page 66.

Chronic Back Pain Reduced 50%!
Gordon, a middle-aged consultant, came to Dr. Schoffro Cook complaining of long-standing back pain. In just 3 days, his pain improved by about 50%. He could sit, stand, and drive longer than before with greater ease and less pain. He was shocked to discover two other health improvements he never imagined were linked to his kidneys. See page 118 for his full story.

Overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome!
Bobbi was diagnosed with IBS as a young teenager. When her doctor informed her she’d likely have bowel troubles for the rest of her life, Bobbi intuitively knew that nature must have the answers. After just 3 days on the Colon Cleanse Weekend, Bobbi felt “lighter” and “cleaner,” and her bloating and cramping had subsided. Discover on page 146 the one food that was key to Bobbi’s health success.

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